Ario Andito, IAI began his architecture study at the Architecture Department of Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang in 1994. After graduated, he worked for several top architecture firms abroad and in Indonesia, such as Han Awal & Partners, Atelier Bouwkunde The Netherlands, Denton Cooker Marshall Jakarta, Grahacipta Hadiprana, Hans Brouwer Architect Singapore, and DP Architect Singapore.

After years of experimental design and projects, he established an architectural firm in 2009 along with 2 other partners, named Parametr Indonesia. In 8 years together with Parametr, they produced significant number of works.


In 2017, Ario Andito stepped into a new level by leading Studio Sae, and has involved in diverse projects independently. In Studio Sae, Ario Andito develop a design philosophy called Krowakism. The crack-open philosophy that challenge design problem-solving issues with a unique approach. Krowakism sees building not only as an mere object, but also as the part of the universe, so the building must behave like a universe that accepting 4 element (light, air,wind,and living things) wisely. With Krowakism, many great-humble architectural designs have been built by Studio Sae.

Our Practice

Studio Sae working culture is mainly open, non-hierarchical and collaborative, which bring together architects, interns, graphic designers, urban architects, writers and other professionals to work together. Diversity and innovation are matter for our practice.

We believe that great project output is come from a well-thought design process that involving detailed contextual research and extensive collaboration. This have encourage us to initiate numbers of projects that explore architecture through various creative fields and medium such as book and film.

From the beginning of our practice, Internship program has been one

of our priority. Our 6-months internship program is ran all-year around, accommodate around 5-6 person for each batch. The interns or as we call them magangers, comes from various parts of Indonesia, sometimes, from abroad.

When we have some of the free-time, our studio has held numbers of events to expand our knowledge or even just for relax for a while. Our regular is movie night and overseas trip.

From books to our regular film screening, find out our free-time activities.

Read about the requirements, how to apply, and deadline for each internship batch

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