Labuan Bajo Cultural Garden

Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia


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‘Flower of Life’ is a design concept to celebrate life itself as if the process of growing a flower is adapted from the philosophy of life the Flores people. Starting from a state of being become ‘existence’, celebrating and forging human bonds with nature, and a transcendent relationship with God (Timu, Tiong, Titong, Teing).

Labuan Bajo Cultural Garden offers visitors to explore from various sides and elevations through the viewing deck that covers the Gallery building which is the landmark. The cone shape of gallery is inspired by a traditional Flores traditional house that slanted to give the impression of a different sequence from each side.


Flores' wealth of natural and cultural is reflected in various material products such as handicrafts and sculptures, and intangible heritage such as philosophy of life, dances, folklore, and so on. Labuan Bajo Cultural Garden has the vision to present all of Flores' natural wealth holistically, contextually, and as it is, as part of an effort to celebrate and preserve Flores' natural and cultural wealth.


Labuan Bajo Cultural Garden not only raises awareness to preserve the heritage and wealth of local customs and traditions but also provides greater opportunities for the local Flores community to confirm their cultural richness to a wider audience.

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