Labuan Bajo Nature Park

Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia


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The design of Labuan Bajo Nature Park area facilitates various activities related to preserving the nature and culture of Flores. The natural beauty of this area is an important asset that needs to be preserved with an ecological remediation approach to repair damaged nature. The LBNP area offers visitors an intuitive experience curated through a walk in the wild by passing through three zones that frame a process of activity in cultural appreciation, exploration, and harmony in wild. Instead of creating a landmark building, LBNP offers a 360 degree panoramic view becomes Gallery of Nature as integrated purpose for visitors.

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The design of the Labuan Bajo Cultural and Tourism Center focuses on environmental arrangement and architectural design that is sensitive to the local cultural and natural context. Apart from being a tourist information center, the program of activities in buildings and open spaces is designed to increase awareness of the importance of preserving the nature and culture of Flores.

The essence of the ecological design approach aims to improve the living and built environment that can support the return of local flora and fauna. It is hoped that Labuan Bajo Nature Park (LBNP) can be an example of lessons for the development of environmentally sensitive tourism areas.

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