The Park Mall 23 Bali

Bali, Indonesia


Project Year

 Area Size



7.842 sqm

The Plaza Indonesia is one of the pioneers of "shopping operator"in Indonesia, wants to expand its business range by developing a brand for the middle class shopping centers. The Park Mall Waterpark Bali as a pilot project is demanded to create standards, languages, space program, and style and then
replicated to all Park Mall in Indonesia.


Located in Tuban, Bali alongside with waterpark, the design of the Park Mall Bali is done carefully so that both facilities are well integrated and mutually supportive. The Management, ME, Circulation, Parking of both buildings are integrated eachother without contaminating each other.

The space program is laid out in such a way with the F&B section located in façade and anchor at the back top so that the the F&B functions can operate until late, to even 24 hours. Completed with F&B promenade in the west, Park Mall provides F&B facilities for the waterpark so as to attract waterpark visitors to come to Park Mall. The axis layout with "cross" shape to make all sides of Park mall are easily reachable, provide good orientation for visitors, as well as efficient in circulation.

The interior and exterior styling is performed carefully so that in addition to lower production costs and maintenance, also easy when replicated to other sites. The building style is selected to be simple, elegant with a touch of chic to be readily accepted by the intended market and also longer lasting. The Park concept is inserted by the use of wood elements and the interior artificial plants, and trees that are integrated with the building exterior.

 The concept of Balinese architecture translated to the use of roof Bali, roasten gate, and also modernized checkered floor pattern. Finally, the park mall Waterpark is not a common mall, but a concept that replicative of a new business strategy that will grow well in addition to supporting other business units.

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