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BCA Learning Centre

Sentul, Indonesia

Project Type



15.159 sqm



In collaboration with Sindhu Hadiprana Design Consultant.

As one of the largest financial institutions in Indonesia, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA) is committed to being present to support the growth of a learning culture in the company, especially banking. This commitment is demonstrated through the presence of the BCA Learning Institute, a training center for company employees who is present in the new iconic building in Sentul, Bogor. It is increasingly becoming a focal point because it applies color choices to its facade that follow corporate colors but still match the green environment and are surrounded by trees.

BCA Learning Institute is located on an empty land with clay shale type. The company wants to create an integrative training place and has a comfortable atmosphere for learning institutions. In addition, clients also want a place of learning that is open and becomes a “gate, portal or ladder” to a better social and economic side.
The two masses are analogized as portals or entrance gates of a study room to the peak of success. Forms of success points can be present through communal spaces or social areas in the amphitheater space.
The north side of the building has 10 floors, while the west side has 7 floors. The two buildings are connected through a unifying area on the ground floor and a gate on the second floor. From the masses themselves, a concept was applied where this building provides space for breathing space on each floor that functions as a communal space and lounge area of ​​the building.

The presence of the BCA Gallery, which functions as an interactive platform to store information about the history of BCA from its inception to the present, makes the educational side of this building feel very strong, without having to give up the corporate identity in its design. From the main building of the BCA Learning Institute, it has become a kind of mini-museum that can provide an overview of the company's history, journey, and achievements for more than 60 years serving banking needs in the country. This is actually realized through a strong expression and philosophy in the design of the building.

Credit to: Construction+ Indonesia

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