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Aston Sentul Lake Resort & Conference Center

Bogor, Indonesia

Project Type



3500 sqm



The resort hotel is situated in an are of 2,4 ha within a Hotel and Training Center Building
complex with total of 5 ha, which is the largest hotel complex operated by Archipelago
International. Aston Sentul Lake & Conference Center has a total of 220 rooms, 32 cliff hotel
rooms and 8 villa units. The 4+ star hotel is also equipped with various facilities as a
conference center, such as ballroom with a total capacity of 1.000 people and 4 meeting rooms
along with a parking lot that can accommodate 150 cars. The resort ambiance is reinforced with
jogging track swimming pool, gym/spa, kids’ corner, and outdoor platform.

The architecture and interior concept of this resort hotel highlights a concept of resort
decorated with Sundanese strong elements. The palacial and symmetric concept is the key
element coupled with reinforce the impression of the resort as a place for utmost relaxation
and rejuvenation.

Uniqueness and the biggest selling point of this resort hotel is the lake (lagoon). The lagoon has
an outdoor platform that can be used as a stage of performance arts, such as dance
performance, traditional music concert, etc. In addition, the lagoon also has a mini waterfall,
which reinforces the natural concept.

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