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Front View
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Rumah Gerbong

South Tangerang, Indonesia


Project Year

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180 m

The urban development in Indonesia is facing rapid growth currently. This phenomenon is followed by progressively increasing urban population. The swift growth is affecting the high
demand of facilities in order to sustain the urban activities. One of the most crucial need in the
current developing urban era is housing.

One interesting concept to create space as residential is Growing House. A ‘Growing House’
enables its owners and occupants to develop their house without any limit to adjust with the
current social status, economic status, and environmental conditions. However, to maintain the
concept of Growing House as a living monument, it’s necessary to preserve the existing building.This concept can be a great solution for families and couples in order to fulfill the need of proper housing.

Rumah Gerbong is one of many growing houses which its developments are recorded very well. This house has received adjustments in order to keep up with the occupants’ current social status, economic status, and environment in the middle of the society. The term of ‘Rumah Gerbong’ (literally means railway coach house) itself is adopted to give the image of the final house topology which is similar to a coach.

The urgency of designing Rumah Gerbong as a growing house is occupants’ – who are also the
house owners – need of a space which can provide a place to rest and to work. At first, the house owners of Rumah Gerbong was facing the same routine which almost every person in the
community has: working in the capital city while living at the suburb. This resulting the necessity of houseowners to travel a considerable distance to go to work. Such phenomenon happens because houses at suburb are more affordable than houses in the capital city. Certain condition which forces the house owners to travel a considerable distance consumes amount of energy, time, and money. This problem led the house owners to give the house they were living evolutions into a house which can grow according to the owners’ needs.

Rumah Gerbong itself has undergone two evolutions which greatly change the physics of the house to the point of its current condition. The first evolution affects the form of the building based on the physical appearance, aesthetic, and the functions it would have. The second evolution changes the form of the building based on the current social stance, economy condition of the owners, and the environmental status. The latest evolution gave the most impact to the appearance of the building. However, as mentioned above, more evolutions can still be done as the house will keep on growing to sustain the occupants needs.

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